Sunday, 10 November 2013

Set a lookup field on another form to null using oData using subgrid

When you a have a N:1 subgrid on a form you cannot simply remove the record as CRM only shows a delete button ('x'). Instead, add a subgrid button to the entity referenced in the subgrid that will run a script that uses oData and jSon to set the referenced lookup to null. How you do this is to set the object reference of the lookup field to null as follows; CRMObject.= {Id: null , LogicalName: null, Name: null}; Ensure all three Id, LogicalName, and Name are set to null otherwise it won't work per Microsoft's SDK reference below... In order to set Microsoft CRM Complex Types to null, you must explicitly set each primitive type within them to null. For example, to set an EntityReference type to null, you must set the Id, the LogicalName, and the Name properties to null. The same is true for OptionSetValue, Money, and BooleanManagedProperty.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Social Insights from InsideView free with CRM Online 2013 Professional

November 7, 2013 Microsoft announced an OEM agreement with InvsideView where purchasers of the Dynamics CRM 2013 Professional version will be able to receive, free-of-charge, InvideView's Social Insights. Social Insights is a tool that provides detailed contact and account profiles consolidated from over 30,000 sources including social media posts. Use it to get a more complete picture of a contact or account before an engagement. The tool also allows one to update CRM with a single click. As a Dynamics CRM 2013 professional user, simply open a Contact or Account record and start reviewing the consolidated information - it is that simple! If you are already using CRM Online 2013, you will need to download and upload into CRM the Social Insights solution file. See the Social Insights Admin Guide for more information about deployment options.